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New Book Release - "Music Initiation" by George Lekakis
MadMelody News
New Book Release - "Music Initiation" by George Lekakis

Author and journalist George Lekakis  released his new book,  titled "Music Initiation" . The title alone gives us the reason why this book was written, as does the eloquent wordplay between omorrizon words "music" and "initiation" - both start from the root-mu, the eminently root which gives words related on the move ...

In the 230-page book by George Lekakis' Music Initiation , published by  MadMelody , subjects read about music and music education, particularly related to the origins of music in ancient Greece, its potential beneficial and healing power of its influence on the human brain, water, taste the foods and products, etc. with which they engaged most music books.

The book can be found in «Mad Melody», ...

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